Friday, 9 March 2018

Out walking in the spring sunshine

Continuing on from my previous post on Tuesday ... our short walk ...

... over the weir path there's a couple more sluices open to let down the melted snow from the Chilterns
... and as we get closer see that the navigation is on 'Stream Increasing' once again.  Still Rockin' has now risen about 8" in the mill stream
See that tree with no branches just right of middle?
There's a Cormorant drying his wings!

Pussy Willow shining in the sun
Round the Flower Pot Hotel - we've come up from the river on the right and will return via the left-hand path
Back at Still Rockin' this cormorant was in the mill stream
... and there he was and then he wasn't!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Getting ready ...

The snow has gone, the temperature is up, we've had a couple of sunny(ish) days and life goes on here at ...
Hambleden Marina winter moorings (Still Rockin' bottom centre)
 The Woodpecker (male has the red spot on his head) is still a regular visitor
 A Water Rail has popped up from under the pontoon a couple of times
 The squirrel's antics still keep us amused

We've not really noticed before but we actually have two Woodpeckers on the feeders, this one is a female (no red spot), brilliant!
 ... and getting ready? To move that is ... but not for another couple of weeks ... George has been itching to clean Still Rockin' and this morning he's made a start with the roof ... a job well done!

I've also been keeping this morning and taking the opportunity to have the flower boxes off the roof I've tidied them up a bit.  The Crocus and Iris are still blooming nicely and I can see a Snowdrop in each box (just one each at the moment) and also the leaves of the miniature daffodils and tulips coming through too.  The violas have been in flower for the whole of winter and will hopefully continue through the summer months.

 Red Kites can always been seen in the sky here
... and the Canada Geese come in pairs or groups nearly every day.

Off for a walk now ... see you later.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Winter at Mill End

Wednesday (28th Feb) we had some quite heavy snow showers and with the bitterly cold wind we didn't stray very far from Still Rockin'.
 The nuts and seeds for the birds have usually lasted a couple of days
 but these last three days they've needed to be refilled every day, the birds are obviously feeling the cold
 This was the view outside yesterday (2nd March) when we had a bit more snow but gusting winds up to 40 mph and the outside temperature didn't rise above freezing
 George ventured out in all his cold weather gear to once again fill the bird feeders
 Mealworm for Mr Robin and the blackbirds although a pair of blackbirds have learned to eat from the coconut shell!
... and this was at 2pm today and the snow has nearly gone.

I know that the weather here at Hambleden Marina hasn't been nearly as bad as it has elsewhere in the country and we hope that wherever you are, wether you're boaters or non-boaters that the conditions are becoming better for you now too.  
Stay warm and safe.