Saturday, 3 December 2016


It's certainly been cold these last few day with temperatures down to - 10.6 on Thursday morning
 But with that comes wonderful blue skies
and spectacular sunsets over Hambleden Weir ...
Makes those cold, cold, clear days worthwhile.
All tucked up and cosy.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Another day out!

Winter has certainly arrived and it's getting colder every day - it was -9 on Tuesday morning and not much less when George's sister Diane and husband Paul came to pick us up and take us to Hughenden Manor the home of the Victorian Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli and the little known WWII "Operation Hillside".  

I'll let the pictures tell the story of the house and garden, click on any of them for a better view.

The house ...

 I love the story of the Spare Chair, it just about sums-up Disraeli's 'sulky' attitude for me!

 More information of Mr Disraeli here

The garden ...

 George demonstrating that this ha-ha has only a 4' drop!

A good day out, thanks Di and Paul.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Busy days

Saturday 19th November dawned cold and frosty, a temperature of just below minus 6!  A contemplative day with lots of cuddles and biscuits for our Molly.
Tuesday 22nd November, the light outside at 07:30 was strange as was our mood day one after Molly.
Friday 25th November was another cold start but life goes on
We've shared a load of logs with another winter moorer here at the marina, this is our half.
For a treat after loading the logs onboard we walked up the hill into Hambleden village for lunch at the Stag and Huntsman, it was good.
Mallards and a crested Grebe enjoying the last of the winter sun.

In the evening we had drinks and lots of laughter with Peter and Karin whom we met on the Thames in August/September who live here at the marina.

Sunday 27th, and yet another cold day we'd been invited by Peter and Karin to visit the Phoenix Studio in Towersey, near Thame which they co-own offering a wide variety of art classes and/or spaces for those who wish to explore their artistic dreams.  It was most interesting and good to get to know them both more.  More about the studio later.

We left the studio and walked into Thame along the Phoenix Way for lunch and a look-see

We expected to catch a bus from Thame to High Wycombe but soon discovered that this was not possible on a Sunday.  Not to be defeated and with time on our side, we caught a bus instead to Aylesbury then another to Wycombe and yet another back to Hambleden and Still Rockin'.  That too was a good day.