Wednesday, 17 January 2018

There be dragons on 'ere Thames ... lots of 'em

2nd attempt! Hope the videos work for you this time!
Our walk into Henley (Sun 14 Jan) took a bit longer than usual
... there were dozens of dragon boats racing
... so turn on your sound and watch ...

... though you'll have to excuse Georges phone conversation!

There are going to be some sore arms and throats later!

With the sounds of the many drums echoing it was a wonder the rowers could keep time at all!

We did eventually reach Henley ...
... where what we thought was building work going on the past month or so opposite St Mary's Church ...
... was actually this beautiful wall garden.
The monument in front of the wall originally incorporated a fountain and was presented to the town in 1885.  It is dedicated to a past rector of St Mary's Greville Phillimore.

Monday, 15 January 2018

A Village Walk

A change of scene for our walk on Friday (12th Jan).
It was about 11 when we set off in mizzly weather walking away from the river
The pavement only exists as far as Rotton Row shown above which goes off from the main street on our right.
... from here we walk along the track through the fields with the Chiltern Hills in the distance
Kenricks, on our right as we walk was largely rebuilt in 1724 by the then rector Rev. Kendrick incorporating parts of the original house which was built in 1629.  It was the village's Rectory until 1938 when it was sold and became a private residence.
Approaching Hambleden Village through the murk!
We visited the beautiful St Mary the Virgin a 12th century cruciform church, but more of that in another posting. 
The Village taken from the churchyard
... and the Stag and Huntsman where we went for lunch

Hambleden is a very pretty old village and sits in an Area of Outstanding Beauty
Hambleden has been featured in lots of films including "Into the Woods" starring Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp in 2015, "A Village Affair" with Keira Knightley in 1995 and many, many more.
Hammer House of Horrors film "The Witches" was filmed here way back in 1966 and featured many of the village and included the Hovis house above which was used as the bakery in the film.
Inside the snug in the Stag and Huntsman
... where we had a light lunch and coffee.
Looking back at the church as we start our walk home
Pussy Willow - spring is not too far away!
It's raining now - no umbrella and no hood
... even so, the views are spectacular.
A good walk!

Saturday, 13 January 2018

On a cold and frosty morning

These were taken on 6th Jan when it was only just above freezing outside and the feeders were attracting a variety of visitors ...
Woodpecker - wonder if he wonders why his pecking is silent ...

Blue Tits sharing the space


... and we now have Great Tits coming to feed

... and Green Finches too
Watching the birds flitting about this tree and squabbling about whose turn it is on the nuts and seeds still fascinates us every day.  I've recently been hanging a small apple from the tree but it doesn't last very long as the Parakeets devour it in minutes!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Spring is in the air!

Taken this morning ...
(9th Jan) ... on my morning walk past Ferrymans Cottages, River Thames, Mill End.